Now, when Spacewalk is up and running you should define Repository. Follow this path

Channels -> Manage Software Channels -> Manage Repositories -> Create Repository

You should define Repository label and give a URL where packages are located. Click on Create Repository button.

Now create first channel

Channels -> Manage Software Channels -> Create Channel

You should define channel name, channel label, as this will be parent channel use None for this option, checksum type and Channel summary. Click on Create channel button.

It is time to connect newly created channel with repository. Go to Repositories tab and check repository which you want to associate with channel. Click on Update repositories.

In sync tab you can define how often you want to do synchronization. I prefer to do that on daily basis, so I’ve checked Daily button, define a time and Schedule button. As I don’t have any packages in channel now I want to start Syncing right now, so I ‘ve pressed button sync now. You have sync status here so you can check progress of syncing.