When we define failover and priority of cluster member nodes we should define resources for our cluster. Clustered service has IP address, HA LVM with FS on itself (using it for DB) and oracle service (installed independently on each node, with same paths and setups)

First of all we need IP address for cluster service. In our case it is Click on Resources tab, and on Add button. From drop down menu choose IP Address and insert your IP address details.

Second resource is HA LVM. I this example I have ISCSI target on both nodes. On one of nodes, I create physical volume group (shared_vg_oracle) with logical volume group (oracle_database) On both nodes iSCSI target is presented as /dev/sdc. So first of all, I create partition with type 8e on /dev/sdc. Then create volume group on top of /dev/sdc1, with logical volume group on top of volume group (oracle_database). On both nodes ensure that locking_type = 3 is set to /etc/lvm/lvm.conf (it is by default but it is always good idea to be sure that this is set)

[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# pvcreate /dev/sdc1
[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# vgcreate shared_vg_oracle /dev/sdc1
[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# vgchange -cn shared_vg_oracle

You have to change group as non-clustered to create LVM on the top of it

[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# lvcreate -l +100%FREE -n oracle_database shared_vg_oracle
[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# lvchange -an /dev/shared_vg_oracle/oracle_database
[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# mkfs.ext4 /dev/shared_vg_oracle/oracle_database
[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# vgchange -cy shared_vg_oracle

After that you have to change group to be clustered, so the both nodes can see it.

If you run vgscan on both bodes you will see that volume group is presented on both nodes.

In resources tab click on Add and from drop down menu choose HA LVM. Define name, physical volume group and logical volume group in pop-up window, and click on Submit.

On both nodes create mount point for newly created lvm. We will mount all in /u01. Again, click on Add and from drop down menu choose Filesystem. Define name of resource, mount point and volume group you want to mount (/dev/shared_vg_oracle/oracle_database in our case). Click on submit.

Last Resource is oracle service itself. Click on Add and from drop down menu choose Oracle 10g/11g Failover Instance. Ask database administrator for details about oracle service.