On oracle-ha machine we will install luci software (management node)

[root@oracle-ha ~]# yum -y install luci

Ensure that luci will be started at boot time

[root@oracle-ha ~]# chkconfig luci on

On oracle-ha1 and oracle-ha2 we will install ricci.

[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# yum -y install ricci
[root@oracle-ha2 ~]# yum -y install ricci

Ensure that ricci will be started at boot time

[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# chkconfig ricci on
[root@oracle-ha2 ~]# chkconfig ricci on

You should define password for ricci user as you will need it in next steps (In our case this is pillow).

[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# echo pillow | passwd --stdin ricci
[root@oracle-ha2 ~]# echo pillow | passwd --stdin ricci

When you finish installation of luci you will get message to go to web UI to manager your claster. In my case it is https://oracle-ha.setenforce.com:8084.

Credentials are:
Username: root
Password: password_for_root_user_on_system