Click on newly created cluster. It is time to define Fence Devices. As my nodes are on VMware Infrastructure I will use VMware Fencing (SOAP Interface) as Fence Type. Click on Add. From drop down meny choose your fence device. Define Name and IP address of VCenter with log in credentials. Click on Submit.

It is time to define fencing mechanism for both nodes. Click on Oracle-HA cluster on left side of pane. Then click on first node. In Fence devices click on Add Fence Method. Define Method name. Then click to Add Fence Instance inside Method name. From drop down menu choose Fence Device you defined in previous step. Now you will need to add parameters for machine. Here is VM name on Vcenter and UUID of machine. You can find it if you issue next command on one of the nodes.

[root@oracle-ha1 ~]# fence_vmware_soap -z -l jelena -p pillow -a -o list

Do the same for oracle-ha2 machine.