A few days ago I have issue with mysql database on debian. mysql.proc table was corrupted so I have to do something. After some pages on google, I realized that I have to run mysql_upgrade command. So, I started it, but output of command was FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed without any useful info about why is it failed. To summarize what I ‘ve done and check.

1. Check that all in /var/lib/mysql directory is in owned by mysql user and mysql group
2. Check username and password for root user as I run it as root user (works like a charm)
3. Database is up and running, but I again have the same problem with mysql_upgrade

So every possible google suggestion not working in my case. Here is what I’ve done:

[root@debian ~]# /etc/init.d/mysql stop

Mysql must be up and running, so I ‘ve started

[root@debian ~]# mysqld --skip-grant-tables

In next terminal I run

[root@debian ~]# mysql_upgrade --user=root --password=pillow –force

Wait a bit, and voila mysql.proc table was repaired. After that, you have to interrupt mysqld command which was running in first terminal and start mysql as you usually do

[root@debian ~]# /etc/init.d/mysql start