MySQL is open source database. For more about this database see on next: MySQL database
In this process we will install mysql server on mysql1 machine (IP address is and do basic setup, such as adding database, and add privileges to user someuser to database testiranje identified by password pillow. Let's start!

[root@mysql1 rhn]# yum -y install mysql mysql-devel mysql-server

In install process you should define and root password. In this case I will use qwerty as root password. Next we can check that mysql is running on our system

root@mysql1:~# netstat -tupan | grep mysql
tcp 0 0* LISTEN

As we can see it is listening on port 3306 (this is default port for mysql). If you want to mysql start on boot process we will do next:

[root@mysql1 ~]# chkconfig mysqld on

Now we can connect on mysql server, and add database testiranje.

root@mysql1:~# mysql -u root -h mysql1 -p Log in to mysql as user root (-u) on host mysql1 (-h) with password (-p)
Enter password: here you put your root password
mysql> create database testiranje;
mysql> grant all privileges on testiranje.* to someuser identified by 'pillow';
mysql> flush privileges;
mysql> quit;

Now user can change all content on database testiranje.