When you create new Kickstart Profile it is time to set up it according your needs. This is first window you will see when you click Finish button (after defining root password in previous step).

If you click on Details tab you can change Kickstart Label, Operating System (this is automatically selected) and many more options. If you want to pass away any kernel options you can do this here.

Second tab is Operating System. Here you can find base channel for Operating system and you can add extra (child channels). You can find all child channels associated with your base channel. In kickstart profile I will add just Spacewalk child channel. So click on button near that child channel. Software URL is path to kickstart profile, so write it down so you will know from where to call kickstart file. If you change anything you should Update Kickstart (click on button)

In variables part you can define any variable which will be passed when creating kickstart. Here I want to define default registration key, so I ‘ve put my variables. I didn’t change org variable which is set by default. Click on update variables.

In Advance options tab you can define many system parameters. You can change any of them, checking it in button and type parameter, for e.g selinux –disabled.