If you want to create own repository, this is a way how you can do this.
You will need to have installed on your system package createrepo. If you have media with all packages usual way is to change your working directory to /media/(your CD)/Packages and run next command:

[root@setenforce ~]#rpm -ivh createrepo*

Perhaps you will have some dependencies, and you can install this packages also with rpm -ivh command. After this you should copy all packages to some directory, in my example it will be /tmp/setenforce. So run next command:

[root@setenforce ~]#cp -a /media/RHEL_X/Packages/* /tmp/setenforce/

After this you should change your working directory to /tmp/setenforce/, and create repository inside it. Run next:

[root@setenforce ~]#cd /tmp/setenforce
[root@setenforce ~]#createrepo .

Be sure that this directory /tmp/setenforce is owned by root, and that you have +x on this directory. After this you just need to setup your system to use this repository. Make file /etc/yum.repos.d/setenforce.repo with next content.

name=Setenforce repository




After this run yum clean all and yum repolist. You should see your active repository.